Introduction to GPE
GPE is a new generation of decentralized and stable ecosystem built on smart contracts from a world-renowned technical team. By building a decentralized cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, it provides scalable cross-chain contract payment solutions. The program creates a secure, efficient, convenient, and shared digital asset payment service for users.
  • GPE development route

    Q1: In June 2018

    prepare a merchant super payment plan;

    Q2: In September 2018

    a test payment plan model was established

    Q3: In March 2019

    preparations for the establishment of a stable currency GPE;

    Q4: In June 2019

    the dismantling model system was launched;

    Q5: In July 2019

    the super payment system was launched;

    Q6: In September 2019

    OTC over-the-counter trading was launched, supporting BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT and other mainstream currency transactions;

    Q7: In December 2019

    the GPE exclusive exchange was established.

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